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Back in Blurple

I have a feeling there’ll be more where this came from. *grins* I’ve made some progress with my Twisted sorting, so here’s the next little unseelie to entertain you~

The only thing that is -not- from Twisted Hunt is the hair. It’s by Vita’s Boudoir and I’m pretty much addicted to it for fantasy shots. Everything else is up for grabs at the moment if you only manage to find the evil twisted cube spinning mock-innocently amongst its decoy brethren.

I adore this filigree owl mask by Star Kindler, it’s exquisitely feminine while at the same time so obviously wicked. I added a tattoo layer mask make-up and eyes by Sn@tch to it and used the skin by Heartsick as the basis for this particular unseelie.

The outfit is by DV8 and is very appropriate for a twisted pixie. The necklace and bracelets are by Mia’s Gems and the unseelie royal pavilion where I took the pictures is by ThatChick. The poses are a part of the build. By the way, if you fancy evil thrones, fairy circles, forests and castles in this colour: this is the hunt for you. Absolutely insane amount of furniture and living environments for the unseelie. Just saying~


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