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Fallen Warrior

I was making a less girly twisted unseelie and then I remembered this mourning faerie statue by FallnAngel Creations and the rest sort of just wrote itself…

As I went through Del May’s poses I ran into this one and with the statue there it seemed that the two had a story to tell. Had the unseelie killed the faerie? Did she know her? And then the realization hit me. She -was- her. This is the moment of transformation from the flittery faerie into an unseelie warrior and our villainness is slowly regaining consciousness afterwards, then getting to her twisted feet and regarding the creature she once was, now frozen in stone.

The look started with that glamour armor by Gilded. I used only one arm of it, asymmetry seemed to make it work better. I picked a dark, almost lizardish skin by Kastle Rock Couture and mixed some of Fatal Error’s sukkubus to it. The latter provided the scant clothing layers, twisted legs and interesting bodyhorns for our warrior. This pose is also by Del May.

The hair by The Stringer Mausoleum is the only thing not from Twisted Hunt and I added a dark fae crown by DemotiK to it. There’s also a gorgeous upper body tattoo by Imperio Designs, I’ll have to use it with a lighter skin soon to show it off better. The eyes are by Repulse, who always delivers awesome supernatural gazes for all your dark-mood avatars. The twisted lantern is by Kisetsu, who had the whole shop full of them, some with hints. I had such fun there, wonderfully arranged little extra hunt. ❤ As for the surroundings for the transformation, it’s a witch temple by Stone Misery. The pose that looks like she is now ready to leave her past behind and go out hunting is by AAA Poses.


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