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Come Out and Play~

This is turning into a Twisted Week, yegads. I have at least two more unseelie ideas waiting to be mix-matched and shot. …photoshot. Photoshooted? Some such. But for now, here’s an unseelie assassin asking you to come out and play!

The straptastic outfit is by Dare Designs and comes with a silk-style skirt, but my assassin girl complained that it gets entangled in action, so I left it off. The hooves, horns, eyes and the make-up layer are by Indigo Oddities. The pose is actually from an angelic flying couple pose by Eternal Dream, but it looked so fun and inviting that I used one of them for this.

The wondrous dark fae hideaway tree house is by Urban Forge and absolutely perfect for a friendly game of tag. …what dagger? You’re seeing things, surely! (It and the pose are by Ms. B. Designs.) I gave the assassin a skin by VoiD and hair by Magika. As before, the hair is the only thing not from Twisted Hunt.


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