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Twisted Changeling

I promise I’ll stop with these soon, but I just couldn’t resist this one… Noctis has a spooky abandoned victorian pram as the prize and I immediately knew what I’d do with it. Twisted Changeling Roo!

…what? They’ve been petted and snuggled by all these twisted creatures I’ve blogged, had a vote and demanded to be let into the game as well.

I took the pictures in a small castle by Gothic Desires and put on a dress by Blue Blood to give the image a mock-Victorian-vibe. The twisted teddy bear is by LOoLo’s. Stockings are from Sassy’s outfit.

The hat with all the butterflies is by Heartsick and the posture collar is by Rasetsukoku. Hair by Sky Everett (not a part of the hunt) and skin (what little you can see of it) by Belle Morte.

So now that even my roos have entered the Twisted mood, mayhaps I should stop with all of this and get back to other themes already. *coughs* But they’d make perfect changelings! Approach the pram and there’s a tentative purr-beep-nau?

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