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For the Love of Rose

Bare Rose, of course. It’s their sixth year on the grid and they’re hosting a fun adventure hunt called “The Mother Dragon”. I wouldn’t even rank it a hunt, it’s more of an adventure and a fun way to get awesome freebie armor and a dragon mount! (There’s a second part to it though and that requires some hunting, but wasn’t too difficult either.)

“Say hello to my little friend…” This is obviously the Mother Dragon and a fearsome creature she is! All the pictures are taken during the adventure and you can start it by clicking the poster in here. The defiant pose is by Snooky’s Poses.

This is the dragon mount you get. Wear it, take off your AO and fly away! Oh, and if you want the armor in other colours, there’s an actual hunting part that you get clues and explanation for after you finish the adventure.

Hair by Lamb, skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors, all the usual stuffs.

It’s difficult to imagine SL without Bare Rose. They’ve provided every possible sort of fantasy, costume and casual style within the years and done so in wonderful quality and for ridiculously good prices. It continues to be my go-to when I get a very specific fantasy/scifi/culture-based idea and seem to be out of options. “Bare Rose will have it.” And they always do. ❤ Here’s to the next six years!


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