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52 Colours: Brick Red

Another brick-related red, this time almost pink in tone. On my screen, at least. I felt particularly uninspired by it, I must say, so I tried to at least find a nifty bricksy place to take pictures in. This was no mean feat since I don’t actually save landmarks with ‘awesome brick build!’ comments. *coughs* However, I did succeed and find a pretty shopping sim with brick buildings! The Nest is a gorgeous wander-and-shop area with plenty of awesome furniture shops, sort of a joint effort on their part to have them all in the same place.

The only piece of garment with the right tones that I had was a mini dress by Acid & Mala. Miss Brick Red refused to wear the dress though and told me she was a pants-wearing girl, so I turned the dress into a top instead. I matched the hair to the boots for a darker tone to frame the top — boots from a pirate outfit by Little Heaven, the hair by Waka & Yuki. Pose by Olive Juice.

I used a skin by Ploom and played with tattoo layers for make-up: Mynerva eyeliner & shadow, Miamai lashes, Esk-Imo lipstick. Bright bangle by LaGyo, red eyes and black pants both by The Plastik. Now that Miss Brick Red is facing us, we can witness one of the not-so-nice side effects of shadows. What without shadows is a perfectly even sharp bangs turns into a notched look like your hairdresser had a vendetta against you. I was despairing about this, I assure you. In the end I decided I liked the hair so much that even that wouldn’t stop me wearing it for this and that actually it gave Miss Brick Red more edge and character. *nods*

The wonderful Bubbles-ring is by .( bewildebeest ). — I love big rings in SL. Too often small jewelry — no matter how delicately made in greatest detail simply goes unnoticed or even unrezed. Rather wear one or two big pieces that show! The cascade-earrings are Coyo’s handiwork as well, all of them review copy gifties~ ❤ The tattoo that is peeking from beneath the top is by Re.Birth, a part of an old hunt gift look.

Now if I could get Miss Brick Red away from the swings and playgrounds I might actually get some furniture shopping done…


8 thoughts on “52 Colours: Brick Red

  1. This week is bringing out the fierce boots, those rock. You whole look is great though and i love that you shot in a tire swing (one of my favorite things ever) you look amazing in this! The hair suits you really well too, I can understand not wanting to take it off.

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