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Slinky Reptilia

After sorting my Twisted loots I finally gave myself permission to go out and shop with reckless abandon familiarize myself with the latest releases. There were several that had pretty much made my jaw drop and that I had been itching to buy ever since I saw them, so this was definitely a lalalala-squee-trip around the grid. The first item on my list was the new SLink boots made out of pure sex. And mesh. Mostly mesh, although I could swear otherwise. (Remember you have to have a mesh-enabled viewer to see mesh — there’s a rezed test boot in the shop as well as demos, of course.)

The second item was from Wasabi Pills — this combo of tattoo layer hair base and a ponytail with a snake. I mean, seriously: I have a snake on top of my head. All your arguments are invalid. Things like this just make me flail of joy. The hairdo is called Reptilia. Obvious post title is obvious.

You won’t believe how many different skyboxes and settings I tried for this and nothing was dramatic enough in the right flavour. And then I remembered The Gate to Ancient Avaris by Fallen Gods Inc., sent as a gift to the group members quite a while ago. Perfection~

Then I had to find something to wear with my new snake hair and slinky boots. Despite opinions from certain directions I decided I should wear -something- in addition, you know. That and I was too lazy to go through all my poses to find out safely-nude ones with clever enough poses to cover what needs to be covered. Anyway! Fortunately Miamai had just released a new collection full of darkness and drama! I love the oversized strange sleeves. It almost looks like she’d have strange attempts of wings there.

I also went and bought LAQ’s Elena-skin for this look. I’ve tried on the demo at least four times since it was released and I always twitched and wanted it, but told myself the lips were too Angelina Jolie for Sonya. But this look demanded something in-your-face glam with a very definite vampirish vibe so I finally, finally had the excuse to get it! *happydance*

See the earrings? Coyo dropped them on me this xmas-morning… ohwait. It’s like she knew I needed something big and dramatic and shiny~ So, Mucha-earrings in ten gemstones and gold and silver versions from .( bewildebeest ). — mine are review copy gifties because Coyo spoils me rotten. *nods* Speaking of review copy gifties, the first pose up there by Poise is one of those, too. Second pose by LAP, third by Niqotine Poses. Eyes are by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave.

That was my new-release-squee-trip of the moment, go grab shinies!


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