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Chimera Sisters

This all began when I realized I had three pairs of faun legs I wanted to blog. So for a while the title was Three Little Fauns. Then I started dressing up the said fauns and realized I had no natural faun-appropriate modesty layers… but I did have scales. At this point the sisters turned into dragon-faun-chimeras. …shush, it’s SL, they can exist!

Here we have a pretty normal faun girl, despite the scales on her skin. They’re from a goldfish outfit by Fallen Gods Inc. The legs are in a lucky board in Violent Seduction and they’re mesh, so the usual mesh-disclaimers of needing a viewer that can see them applies. Sassy pose by Striking Poses.

The butterfly ring and necklace are group gifts by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things. The adorable curly horns are by Illusions and the hair is by Exile. Tattoo layer lashes by Miamai and the green eyeshadow (& pumpkins) from Elymode’s prize for Witch Hunt. Skin is by The Plastik, from Plundering Villages Hunt. Eyes by Poetic Colors and the blushing pose by Ploom.

This little chimera lives in a magical mushroom forest by Angelic Designs (from Twisted Hunt) and likes to practise her balance by walking on a barrel… tricksy if you have hooves, that’s all I say. The barrel is one of the Twisted extras by Epic Toys.

To balance the sweetness there of course needed to be the darker side and an evil chimera girl, like so~

I love these fiddler props by PRIME Furniture. They’re from Twisted Hunt, just like the mushroom scene by Lemons & Cream. I pretty much sign the idea that violins can be so tempting that wicked creatures might well use them in their deeds. This particular chimera’s faun legs, top and horns are by Deviant Designs, from Twisted Hunt.

But how to lure a dark chimera girl, then? Easy. Tea and noms! …of course it will work, stop looking at me like that. The tea tray is especially made for this, it’s the Twisted gift by The Fooding, after all. The bloody skin is by The Plastik, from the Macabre Hunt. The hair is another squee-do by Wasabi Pills. Both this pose and the one below are by No Strings Attached — from their zombie poses, actually.

See? Entranced by noms! The beholder jewelry set is by Amaranthus, the tattoo is by Imperio Designs — I love how the skeletal hands are reaching down on the front. Both are from the Twisted Hunt. As for the tattoo layers, I’m using Dragonet by Adam n Eve (Witch Hunt), but I’ve darkened the eye shadows with one of the layers that came with the skin. Eyes by Poetic Colors.

And then I got to indulge in my blatant favoritism toward silvery-white looks, yesyes.

The gorgeous faun legs and the strange hair are by Gilded (Twisted Hunt) and the hair looks almost like a collection of horns on its own, so I didn’t add any to it. The skin is also by The Plastik, but it’s from the Platinum Hunt that’s ended already. I just liked the idea of having all three chimeras be all Plastiky, so I used it anyway. The tree, tea setting and the grass are all by Zoe’s Garden (Twisted Hunt). Pose by KS2Cool.

As for make-up there’s silver eyeshadow by Sorry.Asia, lashes by Miamai and silvery crystal decorations by White Widow. The shaved stripes hair base is by DeeTaleZ and also a tattoo layer. The jewelry is by .( bewildebeest ). and they’re review copy gifties from Coyo. ❤ I’m especially fond of this Naiad’s Tears bracelet, it worked so perfectly for the silver chimera. Pose by TeaSoup.

Lookit, I has hooves! This pose by TeaSoup was too funny to resist. The bloodless glowy eyes are by The Plastik and the silvery scales are from a freebie mermaid avatar by Lost in Starnight.

So there. Consider yourselves spammed with hooves~


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