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Madame Stingray

If someone had told me that chartreuse latex would make me squee, I would have been at least dubious. I had moments of doubt when Axi contacted me and asked me if I’d ever wear it. I do love the latex outfits of Dare Designs though, so it’s not like I could say no, especially since this was such a new release that the promo pictures had been just shot! *grins* As it turns out, good thing I didn’t!

See? So shiny and squee! And other s-words. Madame Stingray is wearing the new mesh-hair by Wasabi Pills, too. That’s another squee for this post, finally hair that doesn’t clip through your body! (Obvious mesh-disclaimer is obvious: you need a viewer able to see it, try out the demo.)

Madame Stingray demanded fitting environment and I ended up in Prime 3D for these pictures. Speaking of which, I haven’t done any post-processing to these shots, beside cropping. The effect is completely from in-world. My camera view is behind an absolutely awesome flickering texture ad so it adds a sort of natural cyber blur and the tone-matching letters to it. I was ridiculously excited and happy to find this spot!

One thing I’ve always loved in Dare’s clothes is that the layering makes sure that your decent outfits can become if not indecent, then at least deliciously daring. So many ways to wear these things!

Here we have a look from the other side of the texture ad with Madame Stingray rather adamant about that having been quite enough of pictures, thank you very much. The settings and windlight are exactly the same as above, only difference is from which side of the ad I was shooting.

The green around the eyes is by La Malvada Mujer, the lipstick is by Esk-Imo and the prim lashes by Redgrave. Skin is by League and the eyes by The Plastik. As for the poses, in order they are by Glitterati, Croire, Essential Soul and Snooky’s Poses.


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