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52 Colours: Khaki

Talk about a colour not included in my inventory, yegads. Pale bland yellow? Fortunately the word itself had so many associations that I knew immediately what I wanted to do. Either a safari shorts adventurer or an archeologist of some sort. I poked at the Marketplace and found Awesome Things ™ ridiculously cheap from Sasha Gopheller. Like this uniform~

When I was taking these pictures I had just solved the meeroo Singing Stones puzzle, so obviously my archeologist was actually a meeroo-expert attempting to do the same thing. But where to study the meerunic language? Obviously in Roo where I found this awesome Egyptian part of the sim.

Since such an explorer needs gadgets for any possible situation I also added armbands from Trashville (bigger) and *Mire* (smaller). Henna tattoos are by Yak & Yeti. Hair is by Exile and the niftastic hat is by Hatter is Mad. The hat may be smoking (it’s from an old Steam Hunt), but Sonya isn’t. The thing in her mouth is actually a calligraphy pen by Sanu!

The belt and the legwarmers are by Sasha Gopheller as well. The legwarmers were actually tagged khaki and the uniform was beige. I went with Luna’s colour sample though and aimed at the pale yellow. The scarf is from an outfit by Random Atrocities.

The explorer finally came to the only possible conclusion: to understand meerunic you have to learn it from the meeroos, of course! After a small roo conference the Messenger’s secrets were finally revealed~

Skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and poses by Niqotine Poses (1&3), LAP (2) and Del May (4).

Disclaimer: No, you do not need any dryads or other roos to solve the puzzle, I just like to play-pretend~

10 thoughts on “52 Colours: Khaki

  1. yes khaki and safari or archeologist that is what is my first thought when hearing the word “khaki” You took very good pictures for the theme. I like the third picture, when we see your backside. bye bye Nic

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