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The Secret of the Sun Dial

I haven’t yet blogged much about the Steam Hunt, but today I’ll start by presenting what is probably my favorite thing from the whole hunt: Dr. Calgori’s Solarium by Malfean Visions. Not only is it awesome in its own right, it’s also an Abney Park reference! Thousand bonus points for that! The sun dial made me curious…

I’d also like to mention that LeeZu is having an End of Summer Sale on Marketplace alone. It was going on still when I tested it just now, but it might end any moment, so hurry! I yoinked the shirt and the pants from it and added older LeeZu tights to the look. So much casual-couture black makes me happy. The black-and-gold pumps are by Grim Bros., they just worked so well with all the lace, frills and ruffles. The curious pose is by Diesel Works.

Here I am recruiting help in mystery-solving… meeroos are apparently really good at these things! Skin is by League and the hair is one of the old Lamb freebies, worked perfectly for my urge to have something updo-ish with an edge while showing off earrings. Specific hair-needs can be very specific. Meeroo paw-up pose by Olive Juice.

The secret was absolutely squeesome. The little bunny doll pair is actually a part of a book by Naminoke. They tumble about on the pages and end up sitting like that. The cuteness is lethal, I assure you. The gorgeous golden almost lace-like jewelry set is the latest subscribo-gift by .( bewildebeest ). and I simply had to match the eye make-up to that. The eyeliners by Chelle, the golden crystals by White Widow, prim lashes by Redgrave and eyes by Poetic Colors (the latest freebie).  Squee-pose by Niqotine Poses.

Disclaimer: There really isn’t any secret to the sun dial and the bunny doll book has nothing to do with the solarium, they just went well together in my mind~


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