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Steam Theater

Today I realized that September is ticking away day by day and I had barely posted anything about the Steam Hunt! Shame on me. So here’s more of my favorites~

Shh, don’t disturb them, they’re just about to start… The shushing pose is by TeaSoup, the tesla coil jewelry by Star Kindler and the mister mechano guy shoulder pet is by Grim Bros. The fancy hat is by Suki’s Silken Fashions. I used my default League-skin, Poetic Colors eyes and Redgrave lashes for this, and picked one of the Sky Everett hairs for the look.

My roos are watching movies! The film of the evening is obviously The Life and Works of the Great Roodini, what else? The projector is a part of the Steam loots from the Epic Toy Factory, everything else in the background in both pictures is a part of  Steam in the Park by Moxie. This dress by Orquidea is my favorite clothing item from the whole hunt and I’m not even a fan of brown! It’s just so exquisitely made, much love. The pose is by Olive Juice and the belt with a scope on Pihlaja is actually an arm belt for humans by Cogoo. I felt that since she was operating the projector, she needed gadgetry and tools. Let’s hope they’ll never find out about popcorn…


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