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Bottled Goth

Creators Stamp Rally has started! When I looked at the prizes on the website I knew there was one thing I absolutely had to have: floating jar by Happy Mood. It’s a shiny glowy sparkly bottle for floating in! Everyone needs one of those, right? (Or several.)

Since I wanted to show off this bob by Love Soul and the squeeworthy peacock feather hair accessory by Tram, my styling slid immediately into the darker side of things. This dress by Violent Seduction is such a mix-match of vibes from darker Alice to gothic lolita and even to mime that it had enough edge and cute to accompany the hair and feathers. It’s on a lucky board at the moment.  The pose is by Thump, the other poses are a part of the bottle floating animations.

The shoes are by G Field and I must confess I’ve been an addict for his roses since pretty much the beginning of my SLife. Add them to anything and I’ll wear it! The thorns body tattoo is by Fallen Gods Inc.

I added an unseelie necklace by Lolapop to the collar, it’s from the Twisted Hunt. Eyes are Sonya’s default Poetic Colors ones as well as Redgrave’s lashes, but the skin is — surprise surprise — by Pink Fuel. Yes, that’s the actual make-up on it, no extra tattoo layers. Pink Fuel gone goth! Actually this skin is a pre-release of a new skin in a completely new, ultra-pale tone. It’s for sale in the Atomic Bake Sale at the moment. I’m sensing shopping in my future when these skins are released, yes, I do. ❤


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