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The Days of Our Loots

Stop the data deliverers, there’s a flash sale in Port Seraphine! This means PixelDolls, .( bewildebeest )., Gallactic, Romance and Bilo. Selected items for 10L for 48 hours that have been ticking away already, so you have time until Thursday morning to raid the place bare! To be precise: until 9 AM SLT Thursday. Since this involved both .( bewildebeest ). and Gallactic, I sort of went crazy. The result was a cyber magpie. …I mean a futuristic treasure hunter who has just scored lots of loot and decide to wear them all at the same time! =D

See, a cyber magpie! All the jewelry — rings, necklaces, bindi, hair ornaments — are from .( bewildebeest ). and I just kept adding and adding and adding while squeeing like a lunatic. Shinies sometimes do this to me. They bring out my inner xmas tree. *coughs* The make-up consists of lash-and-lines by Miamai, red fairy eyes by Souzou Eien and a dark lip stripe by The Plastik. The actual eyes are fittingly red tech eyes by The Eye Factory. The pose is one of mine~

The cat suit and the boots are by Gallactic and just one of the many slinky cat-, plug- and who-knows-what-suits I raided. The armwarmers are a part of the outfit, the boots were sold separate for that huge 10L price. Who knew future looked so colourful and skintight? Raid-pondering pose by Olive Juice.

The skin is my default android one by Oralune and I really don’t get enough excuses to wear it. The hair is another old scifi-look favorite of mine by Mirror, both shops handily under the same roof in Cyber Bunker. The pose is by Estetica. As for the sim where the cyber magpie ran around, that’s called Hangars Liquides and it’s definitely worth an exploration trip, loots or no!


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