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The Phoenix of Steam

Just a few more things from Steam Hunt still! It’s literally the last days of the hunt, many hunts, so if you haven’t yet picked up your favorites, now is definitely the time.

Since I grew up reading Marvel comics, I really couldn’t resist this steampunk-version of Phoenix by 22769 Casual Couture. It’s stunning, it’s fun, it plays with not only one fandom, but two. Much love. Mind you, the wings are by Top Katz and not a part of the outfit, I added them to the look since I was seriously lacking telekinetic phoenix-fire wing effects. Alas. The shiny pocket watch is by Amaranthus. Boots are by Addictia and not a part of the hunt.

I also had to photoshop these more than I usually do to remove hair glitching through her body, but I was so in love with this particular hair + cap combo by Red Queen (not a part of the hunt) that I was willing to compromise in photoshop. If the hair had been mod, I would’ve moved the locks around, but no can do. My apologies if the textures are flatter than they should be around her midriff and belt. As is obvious, I also used poster edges filter to aim for a more comic book look.

I also absolutely had to show this off: coffee-to-go pack by MadPea! Surely this is the source of all superpowers! The goggles on the cap are by MadPea as well, one of their bonus prizes. Pictures are taken in the Proteus Underwater House by Arkigrafx. Skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave, eyeliner by P.ArT, the golden mask by Evie’s Closet and all the poses by Niqotine Poses, none of which are a part of the hunt.

Oh, and guys? 22769 Casual Couture has a Cyclops outfit for you to go with the steamy Phoenix~

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