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52 Colours: Moss Green

First of all: I so object at the idea that moss would be this vaguely pale pastelly tone of flittery fluttery girly colour. Noes. Moss should be vibrant deep green like it is in the forest! This is me setting my foot down and dragging crayon-colour-naming people on a picnic, dammit.

…but as usual, I did go with the colour sample Luna provided, despite my grumblings. After some inventory poking I found a skin in that tone and well, then it was an easy trip to slither down.

The naga tail and the top are from Bare Rose. There were plenty of other colours — even pink, yegads — in the packet as well as a lot of jewelry, but I felt like mix-matching more than just wearing the look straight out of the box. The skin is by LB Elements, it’s an old hunt skin and actually meant to be an alien. The face tattoo is by The Plastik and it reminded me that I really have to go out and find stylized scales in a tattoo layer one of these days. I liked the lip marking on this, though, it sort of hints at the snake tongue.

The hair with jewelry is Hathor by Tekeli-li and it felt sufficiently wicked for Miss Moss despite the more bovine name reference. The eyes are actually neko eyes by Urban Dare, but seemed to work just fine for snake eyes, too. The ring, necklace and earrings are all by .( bewildebeest )., because naga ladies deserve awesome shinies~

The surroundings are all a part of the Twisted prize by Painfully Divine, although I used poses by Niqotine Poses (1&3) and KatzE (2) for these instead of the extremely intriguing possibilities scripted into the unseelie picnic. As for Lemminkainen surrendering there… no meeroos were harmed during the shooting of these pictures, the worst he got was relentless tummy tickles! He’s there just to show what I think moss should look like, yes. Not because a cute fuzzy animal with a snake woman felt both amusing and entertaining, no. You believe me, right? <.<


9 thoughts on “52 Colours: Moss Green

  1. My mosses were darker as well and in spite of your objections to the lighter version, I must say that I think this is one of my favorite looks for you this challenge. I love it! I love how creepy, crawly yet gorgeous and seductive you look. You look very tempting and yet dangerous. I both worry for that little meeroo and kinda want to be him in that last shot.

  2. Absolutely amazing look! Your creativity seems just endless, love it!

    Had to laugh at the slighty worried expression that little meeroos seems to have on it’s face. Run, small furry animal, run!

  3. No meeroos were harmed during the shooting of these photos! 😀 He knows it’s just play-pretend, that’s why he’s doing the eek-paws-in-the-air… it’s really just tummy-tickles, honest. (And boy did I have to wait for that pose, I have gazillion pictures of this with him in different phases of the cuddle animation.)

  4. Totally believe you 😛 I agree, moss should be a rich vibrant green. But those are rockin’ shots!

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