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52 Colours: Wenge

No, I didn’t know it’s a colour, either. Apparently it’s a dark wood type. The colour sample looked like dark grey with just a touch of brown in it to my eyes. I poked through my inventory for greys and browns, despairing. Eventually I found a skin that had tones that looked pretty much perfect — and then I went all a-squee with filters in photoshop. *coughs* So, although this particular picture doesn’t have the tone it’s supposed to, I loved it so much that I had to add it…

I took the pictures in a padded room by aDORKable Poses, all the poses are a part of it as well. As for the look, when I found that skin by Red Queen and added the cross make-up by Nuuna’s Skins (available in 4.44.444 Event) I knew I’d cyber it all up. Obviously Miss Wenge is one of those not-quite-sane kick-your-ass futuristic adventure girls.

The two other pictures have no filters so you can see that the skin does have softer, more brown tone to it when not photoshop-filtered for uber drama and squee funness. (Don’t ask me how many versions of these I made. The answer is something akin to ‘lots’.) The lovely strappy latex layers are from an outfit by Dare Designs, I just used a few of them instead of the full look. The point was the skin, I couldn’t go and cover it all up! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Oh, and the skull-and-crossbones pasties are by Cynful.

The eyes are by Repulse, tattoo layer lashes by Miamai and one of my favorite scifi hairs is by Mirror. Here’s to hoping that the next colour won’t send me into a padded room again, although it is sort of comfy here…

8 thoughts on “52 Colours: Wenge

  1. super pictures!! i totally agree in what you said ” added the picture because you loved it so much”..And… yes i know what it means a LOT of pictures …hahaha greetings Nic

  2. Awwww so I’m not the only one going “a-squeeee” in PS sometimes… not this week though. This week I played with border frame masks..
    You look great and you did a lot of work putting that together! Loves Nuuna, there’s a free skin there now which is pretty good if you like Goth….

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