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52 Colours: Mulberry

We don’t have mulberries in Finland, so I had absolutely zero associations to go with this colour. Thus I just stared at the yet-another-sort-of-dark-pink-purple colour sample and poked at my inventory until I found things that matched. Behold, Miss Mulberry of Magic Muffin Land! Or some such.

I needed a colourful shiny magical place to take pictures in and ended up in The Looking Glass. The nom of choice to pose with is by Poche and it looks as delicious as their stuff always does. As for Miss Mulberry’s looks, it all started with this skin by Ello Poppet (an old hunt gift). It’s supposed to be a night elf, but all in all it’s just so appropriately happy-colourful that it was the perfect base for this. Adding Arachne-outfit by Bare Rose to it pretty much covered the whole spectrum of mulberries~

The absolutely insane hair is fittingly from one of the old Crazy Ass Hair Hunts, it’s by Curious Kitties. The eyes are by Insufferable Dastard and lashes by Redgrave. The look was actually easily accomplished once I found the right tones from my inventory, it’s like the outfit was meant to go with that skin. As much pink-opposed as I am, I find myself rather liking this combination.

Obvious windlight disclaimer is obvious: no, their rivers don’t run purple. I liked the effect, though, as well as the reflection as Miss Mulberry peeks into the stream. The poses in order are by Olive Juice, Croire and Niqotine Poses. This last picture made me want to look into downloading more water-settings, I should definitely play more with those. But for now I’m just encouraging you all to follow in Miss Mulberry’s footsteps and go explore pretty places, it’s good for your pixel souls~


8 thoughts on “52 Colours: Mulberry

  1. WOW! There seems to be some kinda Edward Scissorhandsish feeling to these pics, that one of you looking into the water is almost like the first time you’ve seen water hehe. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it, maybe it has something to do with the hair hehe… but you look awesome

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