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Still Falling~

More cute autumn things! I thought I’d wait a little, but then Chandra Masala of {bilo} dropped cute shirts on me and there I went again, building looks and squeeing my way through the settings. Have you ever noticed how in real life autumn goes from still-sort-of-summer into yey-pretty-colours-for-two-days and then into dark-cold-rainy-misery-for-months? Fortunately in SL the pretty-colours-phase stays all the way until the pretty pixel snow settles in.

See, cutesy shirt is cute! It went perfectly together with my new favorite autumn boots from Lassitude & Ennui and I had to continue the patchwork from the boots to the heart-patched tweed pants by Concrete Flowers. The golden face tattoo is by White Widow and the hair is the latest subscribo-gift by Exile. I love how mesh makes it finally possible to wear long hairs without them clipping through the body. ❤ Speaking of hearts, why yes, yes I’m wearing more of Coyo’s shinies in both pictures, .( bewildebeest ). is responsible for all the shinies! The scene is made of a harvest skybox by Umwelt, bed by Art Dummy!, bee bag by Tokidoki (all three from Seasons Hunt) and a pygmy puff by Ohmai Emporium. …yes, I finally had to get one. Too adorable!

There’s a Chestnut Hunt going on in SwayLand and one of the prizes is this adorable garden harvest house by Zacca. I’m standing on the stairs in front of it and added an old stove by Kari (Seasons Hunt) on it to get something warm to drink. The coffee is by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things, though. The scarf by Duboo and the laced top by Kyoot are also from the Seasons Hunt. I matched a skirt by Kyoot to them and then decided to go mostly monochrome with the look, mostly to show off these quirky ghost-tights by {Bingo} that I got from a lucky board. Shoes by G Field, hair by Waka & Yuki and pose by TeaSoup. Both pictures have the default-sonya League-skin, Poetic Colors-eyes and Redgrave-lashes.


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