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Black Unicorn Cabaret

It’s the name of Voltaire’s current tour and a brilliant name it is! A DJ friend of mine went to see his show a bit ago and is doing a four-hour-special with that as a theme, so obviously I had to figure out something fun to wear for it. As usual I went both literal and overboard.

Tadah, a burlesque unicorn! Or some such. I used Zacca’s Halloween House as the setting, you can still get it for free from the Chestnut Hunt. The feather boa is by VL Wildthings and Sonya tossed it away almost immediately to dance better.

I let Sonya keep her default League-skin, Poetic Colors-eyes and Redgrave lashes, but added a mask tattoo layer by Sn@tch and lip gloss by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics to the look. The hair is by Love Soul and it practically oozes of attitude.

The cute gartered hooves are by Epic from FTLO Shop, the gorgeous unicorn horn is by ~Illusions~ and the tail is by Malfean Visions. It looks like a lantern to Narnia decorating your… tail. Yes. It was a part of an unseelie avatar for the earlier Twisted Hunt.

The body suit by sYs, the fishnet tights by Bad Juju and the gloves with bracelets by Loulou&Co are all old hunt gifts. The first pose is by DARE and the only actual pose I used in these pictures. Sonya told me she wasn’t going to do static pictures for something burlesque, thank you very much. So I started Freestyle shimmy-2 by Ministry of Motion and took the pictures during the rampant dancing about on the balcony. It’s fun, you should try it!


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