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Running Out of Autumn Titles…

Alas. Titles or not, I have a couple more cute autumn looks to show off, though!

This one is all about the cropped sweaters by PixelDolls! They come in several colours, have mesh sleeves and collar and work well for pretending that it warms you enough to afford a bare midriff! The fireplace in the background is by LISP Bazaar from the Seasons Hunt. Skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave, as usual. The pillow and the pose with it are by {what next}, hair with the hat is by Posh and all the jewelry is by .( bewildebeest ).  because Coyo’s shinies go with anything!

I’m not sure if this look is too eighties to work or not, but I’ve grown oddly fond of it. The cutesy furniture on the background is by La Flat from the Unknown Hunt. The skybox by Umwelt, the skirt and shirt by u.f.o. and the faux pygmy vest by Ohmai are all from the Seasons Hunt. The strap shoes by G Field are on Halloween discount and the fun pumpkin head hair by .ploom. is for sale in the Knitting Circle. Chandra dropped these awesome autumn tights on me like a professional gifting ninja, so obviously I had to show them off. You can get your own at {bilo}. Pose is a part of Lo*momo’s Third Anniversary group gift. The skin is Glam Affair’s Modavia subscribo-gift and the sneakily shoe-matching ring is of course by .( bewildebeest ). ❤


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