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Treat or Treat?

We don’t have Halloween in Finland. Not really. We do have pyhäinpäivä, which has basically same roots, but it’s the day to visit graves, bring candles and such. Nothing to do with the witches, tricks or treats. These days there are Halloween-parties in Finland, but it’s a very late commercial, global addition to the culture and mostly just for kids to have an extra candy-day. This is one of the many reasons I absolutely love Halloween in SL, of course. ❤

To make a proper Halloween Feast I visited Poche and raided all their noms! If you’ve never been there, do go and check out -everything-. A lot of the freebies are just clickable objects around or sold in vendors in the side booth. I always get cravings when just -looking- at their stuff, yegads. The adorable autumn-appropriate collar is a subscribo gift by SoliDea FoliEs and the cutesy bunny-face tattoo layer is a hunt gift by JeSyLiLo. I was there to do another hunt and grabbed this one because I always find all the other hunt objects before the one I intend to. Sonya’s default-look of League-skin, Poetic Colors-eyes and Redgrave lashes work as the base and the hair underneath the witch hat is by Elikatira, who is having a sale until Sunday!

The feast got overrun by roos! Fine, fine, I set it up just for them. The dryads will retire soon, after all. Figured they could nom their tummies full before running back to mythical forests of roodom somewhere out there. The pumpkin and candles decoration behind Pihlaja and Talvi is by LISP Bazaar from Zombie Popcorn Hunt. The table is an old hunt gift by Nonino and everything on it is either roos or noms by Poche. The fancy red ring on the Roo Witch is by .( bewildebeest )., because I’m apparently incapable of making a look without Coyo’s shinies. The nom-stealing pose is by No Strings Attached.

The rest of the outfit is composed of a dress by Riddle (in the Knitting Circle Bake Sale), shoes by Romance, tights by Latte and an old witch hat by Grim Bros. The broom is by Little Heaven, and not available anymore. The hay cart by Kusshon and the tree by Glitterati are both from the Seasons Hunt. With Halloween drawing near, a lot of the hunts will end as well. Make sure you’ve grabbed everything you want to!


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