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Something Old, Something New…

…yeahno, nothing of the rest. This is Halloween! Not any other occasion. Besides, these days the ‘something blue’ part just makes me think of TARDIS. Anyways! Two Halloween looks for fun and amusement. One features one of the old classics that I still like to wear when given a chance and another something that I picked yesterday from the latest round of Project Themeory.

The bone corsetry outfit and masks by Acid & Mala are in Project Themeory’s Halloween round. I added a blood layer by The Plastik and a huge mess of hair by Sky Everett to it. Both the black skin with the white diagonal mask on it and the pure white skin below are by Nuuna’s Skins, as are the black eyes. The scythe is an old hunt gift by J.I.N.X. and the pose is by p4p.

This dress is the very first I ever bought from Dare Designs, somewhere in spring 2009 and I still love it for classic slinky-goth evil looks. ❤ The hat is by Grim Bros., the kitty-head candy bowl by Schadenfreude, the spider-ring by .( bewildebeest ). and the spider choker by G Field (a part of the subscribo gift). Eyes by Repulse, hair by Lamb, pose by Olive Juice and the make-up a mix of M.O.C.K. Cosmetics and Frick’s tattoo layers. The house used in both pictures is a group gift by Zacca.

Oh, and yes, I did indulge in filters like candy. For the holiday. <.<


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