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S.I.C. Girls

It stands for Science Innovation Company and it’s a nifty scifi sim, in case you didn’t know~ The S.I.C. Girls here are Sonya and Ame Lefevre, who randomly suggested we’d do a fun scifi photoshoot together. I was obviously immediately game, or as immediately as one can be when you first have to dig through your inventory and ponder what to wear!

I put on one of the fantastic black-and-white skins by Nuuna and then located scanty leathers of Unit Bella by PixelDolls from my inventory. I added the mesh thigh-high boots by Slink and my favorite scifi hair by Mirror and was pretty much ready! The skin has the black mask in it, but the extra lines are by Fallen Gods Inc., and I added extra eyeliner by Chelle and lashes by Miamai to it.

I love this picture because it looks like Sonya got a random giggle fit and Ame is all ‘Shh, this is serious!’ Ame is wearing a cat suit by Graves, skin by *YS & YS*, hairbase by DeeTaleZ, hair by Tekeli-li and eyes by Ibanez. Sonya’s cyber arm implants are by Fatal Error and eyes by Repulse.

I couldn’t resist messing with filters, Ame’s kick-ass-attitude pose practically called for something more dramatic. Speaking of poses, Sonya’s using an Olive Juice in this particular one, but all the other pics and poses for both are from our respective AOs.

Thank you for the fun, Ame! ❤


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