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I’ve been playing Glitch lately so much that this was pretty much inevitable. If you’ve never heard of the game, it’s flash-based browser-mmo of random quirkiness, amusement and awesome. Hop over to the site to check it out!

The painting is a screenshot of my Glitch-character, all fancy in her red autumn coat and a top hat. Obviously she’s making her way from the 2d-world of Glitch to the more 3d world of Second Life there, squirming through the painting. The frame and the accompanying pose are by On The Cover.

Dressing Sonya in similar gear was easy: I grabbed the latest Project Themeory coat by ISON in red, added old promo tights by Le Look and an awesome top hat by Illusions to it as well as my favorite autumn boots by Lassitude & Ennui. I also located a cutely blushing grey skin by Pink Fuel, hair by Lamb, eyes by Poetic Colors and lip gloss by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics to complete the Glitchling look. The watering can is by RC Cluster and the pose by Es’cusi.

Squeeze all the chickens! That’s how you get grain, by the way. You squeeze chickens. I couldn’t find appropriately cutesy cartoony chickens, so I just grabbed a random freebie chicken from the Marketplace. The squishing pose is by Niqotine. The adorable piggie is by Intrigue Co. You get meat by nibbling piggies. Oh, and dairy products are butterfly provided: you milk butterflies. But only after a massage, of course! These butterflies are by Alirium.

Ommm… Focusing orbs are girl’s Glitch’s best friend. Keeps you on your feet! I made the orb here myself, just a quickie sphere with some colour, transparency and glow. The egg plant (that is where eggs come from, naturally) in the background is by Herbalys, as are the rest of the plants and crops. I love their things, so full of strange, quirky cuteness. They were pretty much perfect for Glitch-scenery, too. The meditation pose is by Purple Poses.

That said, I have more planting and squeezing and exploring to do! If you decide to give a Glitch a chance, do remember that you should say no to No No Powder!


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