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V for Vintage

This post is obviously all about the Vintage Fair. If you brave the lag you can find anything from the eighties to pencil skirts, from period dresses to flapper hair decorations. Speaking of the lag, the latest fair visiting fashion trend is alpha. Seriously, just wear a full body alpha, be invisible, remove all the HUDs and attachments. You’ll actually manage to get around like that.

I of course ran around oggling at all the pencil skirts. I ended up buying this dress by Icing, even though the skirt is a system one. I stood there ages staring at the vendor going ‘…but it’s a system skirt. But the design is so awesome! …but a -system- skirt. A row of buttons on the side! System. skirt. Design!’ You can obviously see which side won. I yearn for the inevitable future of mesh taking over all the pencil skirts and the designs catching up with the tech, yes, I do.

The deliciously gorgeous fur bolero and hat are by Baiastice. They were the very first thing I bought from the fair and they are full of squee and so very, very Sonya. The shoes by Nardcotix and stockings by Latte are not from the fair, they just looked so awesome together that I had to take a full body shot and actually break my usual square picture mode to show it all off better.

Here’s the actual top part of the dress sans the fur bolero. The hair — now without the fur hat — is by Love Soul. Both the eyeliner and the lipstick are from the closing sale of Sorry.Asia. Even if you don’t need a new skin, there’s tons of awesome make-up there for ridiculously low prices. Oh, and boys: plenty of skins for men. Speaking of skin, Sonya is in her default League one. Eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave, first pose by Niqotine and the second and third by LAP. The bungalow by Cool Beans is actually from the fair as well. So perfect for shadow play!


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