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Newbie Style Challenge II

I love these challenges, making complete avatar looks for free or with very few lindens. Gogo of JuicyBomb is running her second challenge with this theme and I decided to hop on board and join in. If you want to see what other people have come up with, check the comments of the challenge rules post~

Obviously I can never do anything easy and simple, so I made three avatars of various styles. I also wanted to stay away from main stream, so to speak, although only one of my newbie avatars is fantasy-based. Yes, I know. You may faint now.

I stalked several lucky chairs, picked up some freebies every girl should have and grabbed some group gifts. Two of the three skins are bought and in addition I bought a packet of make-up to complete the look. Except for some dollarbies, that’s all. There are so many ways to get Awesome Stuff in SL that no female avatar can possibly use the excuse of not having money to spend.

Starting from the left, we have a purple elf sorceress!

The skin with the make-up, ears and the lip stripe are all by The Plastik. There’s a sale going on there at the moment and the Ataciara-Elven-Nautical packet cost 349L. This comes with several make-ups, cleavage- and freckle-options, extra make-ups in tattoo layers, elf ears in the right tone and a big box of eyes. I don’t actually know how much the price will be after the sale is over and it will probably be more than the limit for this challenge (aka 550L per avatar), but I figured it was a good showcase about how well joining groups and reading blogs can help in shopping. Stay informed and enjoy the sales!

The outfit, most of the jewelry and the staff are from a lucky chair in *Deviance*, one of the must-visit shops for fantasy. The eyes by Repulse and the ourobouros bracelets by Tekeli-li are both dollarbies from the Marketplace. Possibly available in-world as well, but that’s where I grabbed them from. Hair is a freebie by Exile. The price for the elfie was thus 351 lindens.

I obviously -had- to make a goth girl. I started building her by visiting the Dressing Room and grabbing the lovely pale Ginevra-skin by *YS&YS* from there for mere 70L. I added glamrock make-up by Nuuna to it, the whole packet of them in various colours was only 100L. The small star under her eye is from a freebie, also by Nuuna. The outfit (dress, shoes, hat, gloves, collar) is a mix of  group gifts from World’s End Garden (group free to join). I also took all three girls there to take the pictures, although I’m obviously using a different windlight for each.

Hair is another freebie from Exile and the eyes are a freebie by Roly-Poly. Exile’s freebie hairs are available in-world, but I picked the eyes from the Marketplace. Speaking of the Marketplace, I also grabbed three freebie packets of poses by E.inK from there, just to keep with the freebie theme. I used them in all of the pictures except those with furniture poses like the gothic birdcage ones above. The price for the goth girl is 170 lindens.

I wanted to make something more casual as well and ended up stalking the lucky boards in Sn@tch. This outfit is a mix of the loots that I got, including the top, pants, fishnet undershirt and the legwarmers and shoes, all for free. Ivey changes the prizes in the lucky boards often, so there’s always some new things to grab: recommending it warmly.

The skin is by Mother Goose, result of another lucky board stalking session. There’s tons of them in there and they’re set for three minutes. Cute skins fast and for free, perfect for any newbie! I added the above-mentioned make-up by Nuuna to it, as well as freebie eyes by Poetic Colors. The hair with the hat is yet another Exile-freebie.

I prepared three pics of each girl to have some pruning room and then twitched for forever because I wanted to post them all, sigh. I managed to resist the temptation with the other two, but with Red here… I just couldn’t decide between these three, so have an extra one! Oh, and her price is 100 lindens. Take off the make-up and she did not cost one single linden.

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