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A Piece of History

Port Seraphine is closing. This means PixelDolls along with the brands Gallactic, Chroma and Romance. The sim and the shops are still available until January 1st and all the items except the latest — and last — release by PixelDolls are on 50L sale.

This latest and last release is called Farewell, and it’s an absolutely gorgeous piece of work. The skirt, sleeves and collar are mesh (sleeves and collar adjustable) and as always when shopping for mesh, please try the demo first.

I don’t usually buy brown-beige-bronze tones, but this one practically screamed of steampunk to me. Not just any steampunk, but sort of futuristic slightly Asian-influenced steampunk. In a very lady-like fashion~ The moment I saw this dress I knew I wanted to go to Omega Point with it and be all dramatic and pretend it’s a futuristic vintage take on qipao.

The updo with the huge flower is from Exile’s retirement sale, several walls of 50L hair, do go and loot your favorites before they’re gone for good. (Exile is not going anywhere, just retiring some of the older hairs.) The steampunk tights are an old hunt gift by C&D Benelli.

I had to play with filters a little and smudge the look just for fun and amusement. The jewelry set is an old subscribo gift by .( bewildebeest ). and fit perfectly with the stunning vintage feel of the dress. The make-up is by Nuuna’s Skins, prim lashes by Redgrave, skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors. The poses in order are by Di’s Opera, Miamai and Niqotine Poses.

As you can see, the dress has both pencil- and mini skirt lengths and a separate cropped jacket of awesome. Owning one of these (there’s three colours to choose from) is owning a piece of SL history. Make sure to hop to Port Seraphine for your xmas shopping, it won’t be there anymore come the next year.


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