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Arcane Frost

It’s December again and you all know what it means: Xmas events and hunts have started. This wintry character began when I received a fat pack of Arcanist shoes from Jackal Ennui of lassitude & ennui. They’re for sale in the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter, the same sim where I took all of these pictures. There’s plenty of event exclusives from an awesome list of talents, so hop over for your December shopping needs!

The shoes are unisex and mesh, so make sure to try the demo first. They come in a multitude of colours, I just felt very wintry purple now. To go with that theme I grabbed this Charis-dress by Baiastice from the Dressing Room Blue. I added pretty tights by {bilo} to the mix, thanks to Chandra who giftified me earlier in the autumn with them.

Both of the above poses are by aDORKable Poses from Peace on Earth Hunt. Speaking of aDORKable Poses, they have an advent calendar going on: a pose per day. Visit daily to get them all! The skin and eyes by The Plastik are from Very Important Hunters Hunt. I was there to grab another hunt gift, but then bumped into this and it just worked so well with the cold-wintry-slightly-arcane look that I had to use them.

The necklace by Bliensen + MaiTai is also from PoE Hunt, as is the pose by Diesel Works. The ring and the earrings are from my huge and dearly loved gift pile from Coyo and can be purchased from .( bewildebeest ). The hair with hat is an old subscibo-gift by Amacci.

I declare the winter season now officially started, bring on the snowflakes and fur coats!


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