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Suddenly, Podlings

It is podling invasion time! Podlings are teeny tiny aliens of um, podish nature and come in a variety of colours that might or might not reflect their personalities. In my mind, at least. Their round little bodies are made of mesh, so if you do not view the world in an advanced enough method, the podlings will be invisible to you! High tech for high tech critters, yesyes.

“Take me to your leader! …ah-ha, the ones in the big orange thrones must be those… firm and precise address is in order for the betterment of Podling Nation!”

“The locals have obvious podling-prejudices, what is it with all the tail-swishing?” 

“That’s right, kneel before the Superior Lifeform! Mutter-grumble-incomprehensible chitter-based language, no information in the galactic database…”

The Podlings, their clever human-like camouflage shirts, pants and sneakers are available in here. The hat is by Silent Sparrow, but it just made my podling’s day. No messing with this podling! Poses (yes, you can use normal poses and AOs with them) are by Niqotine Poses (1&2) and Olive Juice (3). The obvious leader council in the first picture is in Sium, the other two pictures I took home.

PS. After some confused questions, lemme rephrase and explain: these are tiny avatars. Not pets, not attachments, but actual avatars. You will be a teeny tiny podling alien and zooming around all curious-like.


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