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Crystalline Ice

I had been planning to make a snow elemental post eventually, but when Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc. dropped a review packet on me, that ‘eventually’ turned into ‘immediately’. Because seriously, how gorgeous are these?

Meet the Ice addition to the Crystals skin line: the perfect winter fairy! There’s even matching outfits in existence! This is extremely vital and important for Fallen Gods Inc.’s skins, because Alia’s work tends to look best on its own. I’ve had so many muttering moments when trying to match -anything- for modesty on them. I swear the skins laugh and mock and insist on staying nude and stunning. They are too gorgeous to hide and the texture work is always so amazing that covering them up with anything that wasn’t designed for them is practically a sin.

I had trouble deciding on the hair as you can see, so just imagine the fairy magically changed her hair before she began to dance! The first one is by Curious Kitties, the lower one is by Tekeli-li. The eyes are ghost ice eyes by n-creation. The first pose is one of the advent calendar ones by aDORKable Poses, but the two lower pictures are taken while dancing. The dance is Nina 6 by Akeyo, one of the wonderful ballet-styled ones.

As for the surroundings, that’s A Dark and Frosty Ride by The Fooding. Yes, it’s an ice carousel of spiders! You can get this marvelously glittery gothic plaything from the Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt.


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