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I was still in the whole wintry ice-snow elemental theme, so I couldn’t resist making another look. Good thing pixels are surprisingly cold-resistant, do not try this at home!

The skin is Snow Queen by Glam Affair, their With Love, Again Hunt prize. I matched Poetic Colors’ blue eyes to it and left Sonya’s default Redgrave-lashes on to complete the pale glam look. The ring is by .( bewildebeest )., the diamond just perfect for the Snow Queen. As for the Lumi-tattoo and silvery Eira-lingerie, they are xmas presents from ~Cannibelle~. Go grab yours from under the tree! If you like the lingerie,  join her subscribo, she’ll be sending them in other colours on 22nd December. Speaking of the lingerie, it was rather sheer, so I let Sonya wear two layers for… warmth, yes.

By the way, ‘lumi’ is Finnish for ‘snow’, thus making the name of the tattoo rather perfect fit. Obviously I had to take the pictures in the snow, so I used the polar hideout and aurora borealis by Baffle! from the With Love, Again Hunt. The polar bear is a part of the hideout and is practically begging for riding poses! The too-cold-for-this pose in the first two pictures is by aDORKable Poses, from their prize for With Love, Again Hunt.

Eventually I felt so bad for the shivering lingerie-clad Sonya in the snow that I caved in and let her put on a coat. It looks very Snow Queenish and appropriately evil diva like, I must say. It’s a part of the PurpleMoon Creations’ prize for Peace on Earth Hunt. Both hairs are by Exile, I had to change into an updo when the coat with the luxuriously gigantic collar appeared on her. I did edit the arctic toned hairs even slightly colder white than they normally are. The pose is a part of the xmas present by Diesel Works.


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