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Obligatory Elves Are Obligatory~

They’re everywhere! Santa hats, reindeer horns, candy canes, red lingerie, shiny lights… the grid turns into red and green for December. There’s a lot of hunts, events and just straightforward wonderful gifts by designers to make sure your avatar is appropriately dressed. I swear, you could make full 24 looks out of everything that is out at the moment, but here’s just three random yule girls~

And then Santa Roo will appear in the night and bring lots of noms to all the good little roolings…  Of course I had to take pictures with roos, too! I got height-appropriate lil table tree for them from LISP Bazaar, as well as the rug, gingerbread cookies and the couch. There’s a big xmas market going on for all your decorating needs. The house is by Kukuvaya from Project Themeory. I couldn’t resist its multitude of wonderfully decorated and shadowplay-workable windows. ❤

who apparently refuse to go to bed and insist waiting up for the mythical Santa Roo, of course. The adorable hood with the lil horns and birdy and whatnot is from DP Yumyum. It’s so not Sonya, but it was so adorable that I just had to have it. For the roos! Or something. It comes with a blonde hair or without a hair, so of course I added one of my black bobs (this one by LOQ Hair) to it and just modded it to fit. So much love for modable things, resizers really do not cut it for things like this. The pants are by League from the Four Corners Event. Shoes by Lassitude & Ennui, ring by .( bewildebeest )., face tattoo by White Widow (With Love, Again Hunt).

Checking who has been naughty or ohwait. This is SL. Do we -have- anyone who is anything but that? Definitely not in this Gothmasbread House by Urban Forge! It’s a prize in Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt and very fitting for anyone with a sweet tooth and a dark sense of humour. The outdoorsy elf has a hat & hair combo by Zeus (group gift), a mesh sweater by Loulou&Co (Christmas Hunt prize), skirt from the pile of presents in Sn@tch, tights by Aoharu and boots by MiaSnow.

The make-up is by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, their prize in Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt. The coffee mug that the elfy is sharing with a squirrel is by Sweet Leonard & Needful Things, as is the sheep she is hiding behind her back in the first outdoorsy picture. The rings and the horns are also hunt prizes by them from  Where is… Hunt and Save the Animals Hunt. First outdoorsy pose by Striking Poses, the second by TeaSoup.

Anyone who makes a bad pun about tarts and Santa will get it in their face. The tart, I mean. The one on the bed. With strawberries.  This look is dedicated to Ely in defeat. She challenged me to find a sexy santa outfit of awesome and in the end I just put together things that weren’t really meant to be santa-ish at all. The body suit by {bilo} is awesome, though. It’s their Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt prize and I used it with the roos above as well, since it works perfectly as a modest top when need be! The foxy is by Ohmai from Collabor88. It’s gorgeous, it’s wonderfully textured, it looks like fur. Why, oh why are 90% of the fur-trimmed santa outfits in the grid still fullbright glowing time capsuled from 2006 style creations? Someone -please- make a current santa girl of awesome!

Fine, so it is a mistletoe on the bed, sue me. Now to wait for the Santa to arrive…  The bed is a gift from { Mole End } and the stocking and tart are from LISP Bazaar. You can catch a glimpse of stockings by Sn@tch and socks by Paradisis if you squint thataway. The hair is by Love Soul and the horniness is provided by Schadenfreude, one of their old gifts I had hoarded away. I kept Sonya’s default League-skin on in all the pictures, as well as the Redgrave lashes. I changed eye colour sometimes, but all the eyes are from Poetic Colors. (Psst, they have a sale going on at the moment, go shop!) The eye make-up is by Sorry.Asia and the luscious lipstick on the tart and the roo girl is by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics. First tart pose by Ploom, the second by Glitterati.

Enjoy your holidays, virtual and otherwise! ❤


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