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Champagne in Montmartre

Why not? After all, if the Mayans got it right this is the last New Year, hmm? Break out the champagne! Teleport to Montmartre! What do you mean we don’t have working teleporters yet? You call this 2012? For shame. (While I’m at it, where are our flying cars?)

The absolutely gorgeous little studio (yes, in Montmartre) is by Milk Motion. The champagne props and poses are by Glitterati. All of this was a part of the very last 50L Friday, marking an end of another SL era. 50L Fridays was the first of its kind and definitely deserves a toast in its honor. The sparkly little New Year number is by League (from an earlier 50L Friday, see what I mean?) combined with tights by LeeZu. The jewelry is by .( bewildebeest ). and otherwise I kept to very default Sonya-look. League-skin, Poetic Colors-eyes, Redgrave-lashes, Waka & Yuki-hair and make-up a combination of Sorry.Asia’s drama eyes and gloss by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics.

In case this is the last year — and especially in case it isn’t — it would be nice to fill it with all kind of awesome things to remember. More reasons to smile, for starters. You know, I wonder if that’s the reason for the champagne… every year-change is like a mental audit on things you did do and things you didn’t do. We all need a drink after that, right?


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