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52 Colours: Champagne

It’s started again! Round two of the colour challenge and another year full of colours I’ve never even heard of! This year begins with champagne, very appropriately. Unfortunately I posted champagne pictures yesterday, so I figured I’d do something else for this. As I was digging through my inventory for things in this colour — I always have trouble with yellowish tones — I suddenly knew exactly what I wanted. I hopped over to Violent Seduction to leak more lindens their way. I’ve been visiting them every now and then and grabbing things since they have a -50% sale going on until January 12th.

Miss Champagne is an extremely classy kind of girl and if she is intoxicating… well, that is a secret between you and her. She loves parties, but only the fancy kind — ballrooms, chandeliers, gowns — aristocracy as it only exists in fantasies.

I took Miss Champagne to my favorite fancy ballroom castle area in Japan Tempura Island and as I mentioned before, fancied her up with Muse-gown from Violent Seduction. I’m certain she’d inspire plenty of things in it. As for Miss Champagne herself, she’s made out of a skin by Pink Fuel, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave and hair by Sky Everett.

I couldn’t resist the drinkwater looking glass necklace by .( bewildebeest )., it was so perfectly classy and fitting. A monocle was a given, she is a traditionalist, after all. This touch of old-time class is by E&D Engineering. The pearls around her wrist are by Bonita’s. The first pose is by TeaSoup, the second by PurplePoses, the third is a part of Sonya’s AO — snapped the picture as I had just arrived.

Here’s to 51 more colours!


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