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Echo of Persuasion

I’ve wanted to make this post since last spring, but the prop and look possibilities were so endless that I never felt like I had it all together for it. Eventually I gave up and took just a fragment of the source material to portray and everything fell together. The said material is the enchanting world of Fallen London, otherwise known as the game Echo Bazaar. A mix of post-apocalyptic steampunkish Victorian London, spygames, devils mixing with the citizens, claymen and rubbery men running amok, the Duchess and her cats keeping an eye on everything, the inhumane Masters of the Bazaar even above her… as storytelling through simple browser games goes, this one is a masterpiece.

My favorite stat is persuasion, the art of smoothtalking, charming and seduction. Flittering about in the Court, writing gothic poetry books, indulging in the honey dreaming, beginning new fashion trends… In the game I wear a corsetted dress that is described as “Enough whalebone and sprung steel to stop a blade. Does wonders for the figure, too.”  This meant I simply had to have a mesh + alpha corset for this picture. I ended up buying this gorgeous thing by Schadenfreude and combining it with a dress by Evie’s Closet. The end result was rather stunning, if I say so myself.

I used Mandala’s xmas special sale jewelry set with it and Sky Everett’s old hunt prize hair: if you want periodish drama, you can’t go wrong with Sky. I kept pretty much to default Sonya otherwise: League-skin, Poetic Colors eyes, Redgrave lashes and just a dash of lipgloss by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics. Poses in order are by E.inK, Thump, Miamai (part of the couch), Niqotine Poses and Purple Poses.

The Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin provided more trouble. Red vintage stockings that would match with two other red items were pretty much impossible to locate, but these League-ones worked well enough. The lingerie bottom is also by Evie’s Closet. The actual inspiration for finally doing these shots are the mesh boots, though. They are by Lassitude & Ennui and absolutely breathtaking. The pattern, the buttons, the class combined with the sass — they were perfect for this.

I had to give her a tattoo, straight from Clathermont’s Parlour: a code for the Great Game. Perhaps these bat wings by Likka*House signify that she is a messenger, like the bats of London are. She is studying scandalous prints for blackmail — or perhaps entertainment — purpose. De Sade’s prints with a magnifying glass are by ~Libertine~ and I added an old map of Innsmouth by ^Re.Birth^ into the mix. It felt appropriate.

The Victorian room with the couch is by Miamai, the rug and the table with everything on it (except the bat by Pink Fuel) is by POST, the coffee pot is by Oblonski, honey by Savage and the perfume bottle by Charic Uladstron. The all-seeing cat is by Kowloon. They give you secrets if you catch them, you know. As for honey, it was too modern (although wonderfully made) for the setting, but I simply had to have honey for the picture. It’s the local hedonistic drug of mind-and-dream-sharing…


2 thoughts on “Echo of Persuasion

  1. I’d love to know what the names of the pieces from Evie’s you used. The whole thing looks amazing.

  2. Thank you! The top and the long skirt are from Melusine in obsidian and the panties and the ruffle are from Fable’s lingerie version.

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