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Black & White

I love monochrome palette deeply. I tend to create drows and snow elementals almost automatically and I enjoy mixing the two extremes for emphasis. It seems I’m not the only one! The latest release by Fallen Gods Inc., Tao, is a proof of this.

Tao is a combination of a black skin and white body tattoo — or a white skin and a black body tattoo — both versions in the packet. The body tattoos can obviously be worn with other skins, as well. As usual, Alia’s talent challenges mine: how to pose in a SFW style while wearing nothing but Slink boots, Wasabi Pills hair and a lot of .( bewildebeest ). jewelry? It took a lot of pose and angle adjusting, I assure you!

Note the yin-yang eyes that are a part of Tao! Also note — with sadness — the gorgeous jewelry by .( bewildebeest ). Why sadness, you ask. Because there is a closing sale going on. 10L per piece, 20L for set and 1L for the gatcha items… trust me when I tell you that you need the whole shop. I kid you not. The whole shop. All the things! The sale ends on January 16th, so hurry!

The additional make-up layers are by Nuuna’s Skins, three layers from her latest make-up packet. It’s for sale for 200L at the moment (normally 300L). The subscribo note said she’ll keep it at lower price for a week, but I must admit I don’t know when the said week will end. I bought them today, though! The poses in order are by Diesel Works, Croire and Eternal Dream.

The gothic moon goddess of the balanced night was posing against a mausoleum by Stone Misery.


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