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52 Colours: Electric Indigo

This colour made me happy: a strong, clear colour for bold characters! Fortunately I had also bought something that was a perfect match a while ago from the sale in Violent Seduction. So I give to you Miss Electric Indigo, a space princess of an alien world!

The sim is The Path, a collaborative surreal story by several artists. They recommend dark night windlight for it, but since I was taking pictures, I played around with various lightings a lot. This area that looked like the perfect ancient alien city is the beginning area. If you follow the notes and clues, you will be taken on a breathtaking trip into an inventor’s mind. I love art installation sims in SL, there is no way to do things like this in our real one. Go, see, enjoy!

I compiled the space princess out of a skin and eyes by The Plastik, prim lashes by Redgrave and two make-up tattoo layers: AstroGlam by Nuuna’s Skins and Dogma of Astaroth by Fallen Gods Inc. The latter is the black stripes, the former is the blue stripes~

The unedited full version of this picture is probably my favorite. It looks to my biased eyes like a fantasy poster. I simply cannot get over how surreally pretty this sim is. I liked using the present flowers as filters for this picture, as well. As for posing, Miss Electric Indigo’s poses are by Niqotine Poses (1&2), Di’s Opera (3), aDORKable Poses (4) and Diesel Works (5).

I wanted to give the alien space princess some edge to go with her surreal sexiness, and these bracelet, finger & claw combinations by Amorous were so perfect for this that it was like I had commissioned them. As for the hair, its strange twists and turns and almost banner like extensions, random spike through it, horn like shapes… I still remember finding it in Mirror and going all starry-eyed. It left with me right that day and it’s still one of my favorite fantasy hairs.

Daring, mysterious, regal adventuress in an ancient alien civilization… that’s Miss Electric Indigo. I encourage you all to follow in her footsteps!


17 thoughts on “52 Colours: Electric Indigo

  1. When is the next star ship for THAT alien world departing? I’m going to go find that princess. You rocked it again, Sonya:)

  2. you realy are a strong lady…but the way you look on the second picture is soft.. it is my favorite in this row hehe, bye bye Nic
    and thanks for telling about this sim

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