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Sometimes I feel medieval. Not in the historically correct dirt-and-misery kind of way, but in the fantasy version way. Medieval sword-and-magic fantasy has always been my favourite, despite how many times it’s been done and done again. I have a soft spot for scifi, steampunk and gothic characters, but medieval fantasy is the bread and butter. That in mind, I was delighted when Dima Plessis approached me with a review packet full of such goodies! So I give to you Celeste by Cazimi Designs.

I especially liked the cut of the robe, the golden trims coming together and parting again. There were several ways to wear the dress — shorter, sexier versions of mostly black or this blue robe over the gown, also in different lengths and volumes. This slim robe was my absolute favourite.

I took Celeste into ImagiLearning and wandered around admiring the build and playing with windlights. I kept Sonya’s default League-skin and Redgrave-lashes, but I exchanged her usual eyes into hematite gemeyes, also by Cazimi Designs.  The jewelry and the hair ornament are by .( bewildebeest ). (not available anymore), except for the pearl decoration in her hair. That and the hair are both by Sky Everett. The poses in order are by Niqotine Poses, TeaSoup and [69].

Waiting to see a ship in the horizon…


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