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Three Petite Fairies

Mesh is definitely a blessing to the fantasy folks! It frees the creators from many earlier limitations, such as size. Yes, there were always ways to work around these limitations because content creators are extremely clever people, but now we can actually begin to forget all those desperate work-arounds and have actual brilliant fantasy avatars, such as petites.

Petites are fairies, pixies, what-have-you tiny-pretty-things, mostly with wings. I am posing in Alia’s versions of these little ladies and thus the avatar charm is credited to Fallen Gods Inc. This also explains why there are darker fae among the petites, with draconic wings and scales on their skin. Psst, EverQuest players can finally have proper arasai-avatars!

I adore the combination of scales and face tattoo markings on this petite. You cannot use big people’s things on them, but there are three versions of each fae: natural, corruption and third — marks such as this for draco, cherry make-up for the elves and crystals.

The dress, flower wreath, leg ribbons and wings are by G Field, made specifically for the petites. The Orion hair is by MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills and in similar fashion, the big people cannot wear these. (Despair not, she has normal versions that fit the non-petite heads for sale in her main store.)

I’m sure everyone has realized where the brave petite heroines are adventuring, but just in case someone has missed on the squee experience of their SLife: HPMD – Happy Mood. I felt it was important to show just how tiny these avatars are and decided that there is no better way to demonstrate ickleness than posing with the Happy Mood bunnies.

The red-haired little miniature elf is dressed in another Fallen Gods Inc. creation. Alia has prepared outfits for each petite type as well as normal and PG skins, so you don’t have to be naked unless you want to! Oh, and if you were wondering: normal AO and poses work with these miniature beauties. The poses I used are in order by aDORKable Poses (1), Glitterati (3), Oracul (my AO’s hovering pose – 4), Diesel Works (5) and Olive Juice (6).

Now all you have to do is to fly to Petite Avatar Kingdom at Yabusaka and become a petite fairy! Everything is mesh, make sure to try out the free demos before purchasing.


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