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52 Colours: Iron

For a colour like iron, I obviously had to be literal. I was pondering a medieval sword wraith in mist, but then I realized that this Echidna outfit by Bare Rose had exact iron hues in both the metal and cloak parts, so an android it is!

Miss Iron — I’m so tempted to make Iron Maiden puns — has my favourite scifi skin by Oralune and an outrageous Courtisane hairdo by Violator. The cyborg eyes are by Repulse and there’s three make-up layers by Nuuna’s Skins in addition, all from the pack 9.

I took the pictures in Mythical and went crazy with shadows and viewer settings. I changed into Niran’s Viewer lately and I can actually see the changes when I play with SSAO-settings now. All I did to these pictures was crop and shrink a little. No filters, no fixing, this is how it was in-world.

There is one problem with enhanced graphics, though. The bug that causes square lines to appear in bigger-than-screen-resolution pictures seem to be similarly enhanced. Earlier I was often able to just paint-blur them off, they were just lines. Now… not so much. I might have to start shooting pictures in screen resolution. Sadness.

See the lines? Those I might possibly be able to paint-blur away still with hours of work, but… yeahno. And anything as awesome as this is absolutely not fixable. This makes me a sad bunny since I loved shooting in gigantic resolutions, then moving the picture around on the end result size to partially decide on the composition there and then. Guess it’s smaller resolution from now on.

All the nifty combat poses are by Niqotine Poses, perfectly fitting the Iron Maiden. I love unconventional poses, they make pictures so much more fun and dynamic and the characters so much more alive. Even iron-willed half-mechanical humanoid females.


22 thoughts on “52 Colours: Iron

  1. i am flabbergasted by you super pictures. .. big bow for your talent… pictures as well as finding all the stuff… Bye bye Nic..looking forward to next post.. and thanks for the sim ideas.. i love to explore

  2. Aw you really rocked this one! Love the place too.
    Sad about the lines bug… I had found a workaround long ago but dosnt seem to work anymore…. to always shoot at a multiple of your screen size and not different aspect ratios. Try that but no longer works for me.

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