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52 Colours: Patina

Miss Patina was a very obvious character. She had to be a statue! (Patina is the tarnish that forms on bronze and similar surfaces in time. Think of Statue of Liberty, for example. When old statues turn green.) So I turned my Miss Patina into a sort of a Greek statue and ran around in the Pillars of Hercules posing.

The aqua tone of Plastik’s Ataciara skins was pretty much perfect patina. The Mochi hair by Wasabi Pills in aquatic tone is slightly off from the patina, but was the closest one I could find. I was aiming for sort of Greek-Roman statue curls, but couldn’t find hair that would have nailed it perfectly and in the end I was really happy with the cutesy round curlettes of this one.

I had a lot of fun trying to find places where a statue could be placed, such as this. All the poses are by aDORKable Poses, lovely combination of unassuming cuteness. The Will ‘O The Wisp outfit is by Evie’s Closet. It worked as a sort of ragged toga enough for me.

The real question is of course where do all these lifelike statues come from? Visit the Cave of Medusa and you might understand… I was really happy to see how playing with windlight and viewer settings could produce texture changes on the skin, but what would have made me -really- happy is finding body tattoo layers to mimic either the patina or the bronze. I really wanted a sort of flaked look to the statue, perhaps even some cracks to the surface. If you know of any, please share!

Don’t look back! …too late.

Skin: The Plastik: Ataciara-Elven-Aqua-Naked | Hair: Wasabi Pills: Mochi-Aquatic |ย Dress: Evie’s Closet: Willow ‘O The Wisp-Green | Poses: aDORKable Poses: 14 of 25 – Chill 7m – 3 of 25 – Ice 3m


24 thoughts on “52 Colours: Patina

  1. Sonya… this is so well done..love how you made yourself a statue…and the pictures are gorgeous..the one near the stairs so cute…and then the next one with the cool camera position !!! and i smiled reading under the last picture: “don’t look back ! ..to late” ๐Ÿ™‚
    i hope that you mean too late…and the arrow hits you and you falling in love.. and not too late like in orpheus and euridice.. she had to stay in the underworld because he looked back

  2. Aww, you guys make me blush. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nic, the ‘don’t look back’ is a reference to the Medusa statue behind her. Looking at Medusa in the face turns you to stone, so when I found her cave in the sim, I figured that’s where the statues come from!

  3. So so very impressive. From the creativity of coming up with look, and places, to the actual doing it all, it came out perfect! Just.. WOW. Have to go visit there!

  4. Brilliant idea to go with the statue theme. And if anyone could pull it off, it would be Sonya. Even your skin looks a little grainy, like corroded metal. Awesome!

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