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Tainted Demon

Or alternatively, you can’t spell demon without emo. All puns aside, I had been poking at Tainted Love Hunt and was busy sorting my loots when this look just happened. Then I ran into the you broke me ottoman and then the pictures pretty much took themselves.

The ottoman is by Malfean Visions and oh so fitting for this darker side of Valentine’s hunt. Surely demons become tainted if they fall in love, right? So against their nature that they become ill.

This outfit by Acid & Mala seemed to be made of more holes than fabric and somehow it worked for the tattered and heartbroken demon look perfectly. The shoes by Dilly Dolls are from the hunt as are the heart-piercing horns by .{Rue}., giving the darkness splashes of red.

The droplet attachment for the heart blood is by AD Creations and actually from the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. There’s another attachment for the Tainted Love Hunt in the shop, but I liked this one better. Make-up is made of two layers: M.O.C.K.’s tainted tears of love and Plastik’s renaissance mask. The eyes by Repulse finished the look.

Tainted Love Hunt: Malfean Visions: :{MV}: You Broke Me Ottoman | Dilly Dolls: *DD* Espy Hates Love Wedges – Red & Black | .{Rue}. Horn’d/Matchmaker – Bloody: Steel (ridged) | REPULSE – Callous Eyes (Grey) | M.O.C.K. Cosmetics: [mock] Tainted Tears of Love w/ Dark Knight [eye/lip/nail] | Zombie Popcorn Hunt: AD Creations: [AD] Droplet love

Skin: League: Sia Fair Bloom | Hair: Alice Project:  Zee [M] – Naturals Lite | Lashes: Redgrave: -39- Luscious | Catsuit: Acid & Mala: Hole Clothing Line – Black Catsuit | Julia Collection: Julia’s Gypsy Caravan | Mask tattoo: The Plastik: :[P]:- Soul Ink Reloaded://LaVenta-Renaissance


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