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Funny Freebies

There’s a thread Show your Freebie Style in SLUniverse forums that I’ve wanted to post in for quite some time now, but never seemed to have the time to go hunting. It’s a challenge to make an avatar completely free, not even dollarbies allowed. It’s also a discussion about the best freebie places, blogs and resources. Definitely worth a see-and-read~

I wanted to make avatars I usually don’t play with and also to blog something I hadn’t already blogged in previous freebie posts. This is what I ended up with! Miss Pink Freebie and Miss Red Freebie, nods toward kawaii and rock.

I took both of them to Mysterious Wave for more pictures, because this is really the most enjoyable part of blogging for me: playing with settings, lighting, poses and environment.

Miss Pink Freebie’s outfit is a combination of a xmas outfit by xxYOMESHOUJOxx and pants by DCNY (from FabFree Station). The wintry hat + hair combo is a group gift by *BC322 (group free to join) and worry not, although I went to unfamiliar directions of pink with this, there were more normal colours included.

Miss Red Freebie has skin by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics — it’s a part of the Valentine’s hunt going on at the moment and won’t be a freebie afterwards. The make-up from the same brand is a freebie from FabFree Station, though. The hair is a group gift by (red)Mint (group free to join), the bracelets are free in Amorous’s shop, the croc pants are free in Sn@tch’s basement and the corset is a part of a group gift dress in World’s End Garden. I grabbed boots and bodysuit from the group gift wall of COCO Designs and added them to the look.

The skin with the heart on the cheek is from Mother Goose’s lucky board. The slight eye make-up I added is by M.O.C.K. Cosmetics from Seraphim’s headquarters. Both eyes are by Poetic Colors, Miss Red has the current freebie. The freebie pair changes every now and then.

I felt like cropping this one weirdly, it was all about the birds…

Miss Pink Freebie: Skin: Mother Goose’s – Ai | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics (Seraphim) – Shadow Pink Winterberry | Hair & hat: *BC322 – Knit Cap Gift (pink) | Pants: DCNY (FabFree) – Salmon Wash Jeans | Sweater & boots: xxYOMESHOUJOxx – Xmas Outfit

Miss Red Freebie: Skin: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Sonia | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics (FabFree) – Licorice Whips Makeover | Hair: (red)Mint – Hair No. 20 | Eyes: Poetic Colors – autumn moon | Corset: World’s End Garden –  Le Dernier Lamento | Pants: Sn@tch – Backstage Croc Pants (purple) | Bodysuit: COCO Designs – Sheer Bodysuit | Boots: COCO Designs – Flat Ankle Boots (Black) | Bracelets: Amorous – You

Poses: aDORKable Poses: Chill 7 for both first and second pictures, Niqotine: Cutesy13, Estetica: Junk in my Trunk, aDORKable Poses: 3 of 25 and aDORKable Poses Chill 8.


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