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52 Colours: Folly

Miss Folly is a succubus. What else could she possibly be with Valentine’s coming up, with a tone of raspberry-crimson and a colour called that?

She flirts with death in extremely literal sense, or perhaps the skeleton offering her his heart is her latest victim. Either way, he completed the image. He’s a prop by ImmateriA and he might easily by my favourite prize from the Tainted Love Hunt.

The Red Devil Lady outfit by Bare Rose had perfectly fitting tone, although I stripped a lot of its attachments away for a cleaner silhouette and switched the hooves into an old hunt prize from Malfean Visions. The vampiric pale skin with blood stains is by LAQ and I added a make-up by Nuuna to it for extra red and lethal seduction. I needed a wickedly big hair so I fell back to my first hair-love, Sky Everett. How I wish she’d make more! The sophisticated claws are provided by Mandala. Yes, they are ‘normal’ prim nails, I just never really got into the whole prim nail thing so they look perfectly fitting succubus material to me!

“For me? And it’s still beating… oh, you shouldn’t have~”

Tainted Love Hunt: Valentine Potion Table: Stone Misery | Skeleton Prop: ImmateriA – The Last Beat of My Heart

Skybox: A:S:S – That night |  Skin: LAQ – Elena 08 [Pale] Glow skin | Make-up: Nuuna’s Skins – AstroGlam Pink | Eyes: [sYs] – Demon eyes (red) | Prim lashes: Redgrave – -39- Luscious | Hair: Sky Everett – Rivenspire | Outfit: Bare Rose – Red Devil Lady | Hooves: Malfean Visions – Arcadian Legs | Rings & Nails: Mandala – Takara Nails /black | Collar: Rasetsukoku – Unseelie Collar | Poses: Di’s Opera – Expose Line female 1 / Olive Juice – Standing Erect is Hard / Diesel Works – Jazz 5


14 thoughts on “52 Colours: Folly

  1. What a perfectly evil pictures! A seductive demon dancing with the bones of her victim. just amazing!

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