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Thief of Time

Fashion for Life has started and this year the sims are themed around time. I got a giggle out of finding Finnish aika amongst them, although the event itself is of course very serious. I’m sure you all know about the old Relay for Life events, benefitting American Cancer Society. This is them, just rebranded. In the spirit of time and finding the cure, I give you a thief of time: stealing it for those who need it most.

The latex Scorch outfit by Dare Designs makes the perfect look for a superhero fighting cancer. The precious time in her hands is actually a ring from the “It’s Time” set by Tres Beau.

As for the arcane portal she uses to travel through space and time, it’s the Twisted Hunt prize by Snow Bound. It comes with smaller portals and instructions how to link them together to use it all as actual portal system in your home sim.

While she works to give people more time it’s up to others to find the cure. Go shop. It’s definitely worth it.

Fashion for Life: Outfit: Dare Designs – Scorch* | Ring: Tres Beau – “It’s Time”

Twisted Hunt: Portal: Snow Bound – Arcane Portal | Pose 2&3: Del May – Scorpio & Leo

Skin: LAQ – Elena 04 [Pale] Glow skin | Hair: Magika – Robin (B&W: Onyx) | Eyes: Shiva – Lovestruck | Lashes: Redgrave -39- Luscious | Make-up 1: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Basically Pinkaboo! [eye and lip] | Make-up 2: Nuuna’s Skins – AstroGlam Pink | Boots: Addictia – Adnata Boots Graphite | Pose 1: !bang – Stand 139

*complimentary copy


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