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52 Colours: Tea Green

The busy life of Miss Tea Green! There’s all the flittering to do and bird tea parties to arrange and decorative leaf arrangements and flower therapy and and… the work of a fairy is never done!

Every time I transform into a petite I think that I should really do this more often. Such fun! Arranging scenes of appropriate size could keep me entertained for hours. Oh wait, it did! Miss Tea Green was brought to life by the hands of Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc., she’s one of his crystal petite line.

I went on a fairy shopping trip to the Petite Avatar Kingdom where you can find all the things a petite could possibly want from hair to make-up and from mounts to furniture! I grabbed the outfit by Bare Rose and hilarious sky-tickle hair by Fantavatar from there to complete the look. Oh, and psst: #6 of the Great SL Photo Hunt,  you dancing in a field of flowers and butterflies: check!

Having magic makes pouring tea so much easier! Mr. and Mrs. Flitwing are of course from Happy Mood. The stump by Sway is from Home and Garden Market Hunt. The tray and associated noms are by Poche and the tea pot is by Love Soul. I set up the tea party in Ely’s home since she has fitting sim-prettifying magic galore~

Credits: Petite fairy: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Crystal Musk Natural* | Hair: Fantavatar – Petite SkyTickle Green Light | Outfit: Bare@Rose – Petite Bouvardia Outfit | Birdies: Happy Mood – Little Birds Green | Tray with noms: Poche – Roasted Green Tea Parfait Set | Tea Pot: Love Soul – Tea Pot Pose | Stump: Sway – Sway’s Stump [Birds] | Butterflies: Alirium – Butterflies Yellow & Blue | Poses: Olive Juice – Swept Away / Niqotine Poses – Water 14 / Frooti – Reach for the Stars 2

* complimentary copy


14 thoughts on “52 Colours: Tea Green

  1. it is real magic your pictures again Sonya..and i love what you are writing “arranging scenes….could keep me entertained for hours” .
    I think many of us understand that very much

  2. WOW so pretty, I love first photo… these are simply gorgeous, like something straight out of a children’s book illustration, maybe you are in the wrong line of work? hehe

  3. WOW I’m loving these pictures, they are like something straight out of an illustrated picture book… so gorgeous… maybe you are in the wrong line of work hehe

  4. Your stories and pictures are always so imaginative, and I think this is one of my faves so far 🙂

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