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Aerosteam Adrenaline

I’m sure it’s no surprise that one of my favourite forms of steampunk is the airship piracy one. It combines the dashing romantic piracy with flying and you all know how I love all things related to flying.

The latest release by Dare Designs, Adrenaline, was the perfect uniform for my pirate captain. The rows of buttons and the shoulderpads just called for one. It comes with boots, but I used these overknee lassitude & ennui ones instead. The black snakeskin simply spoke to me.

I doubt the outfit was meant solely for pirates, the hat is my own addition. (Old hunt gift by AZE Designs.)  I just tend to look at things and see characters. This also provided the perfect opportunity to remind everyone that Steam the Hunt ends soon. Just a few more days to pick up, say, this fantastic mini-airship by Bondar-Foehammer Aerosteam Co.

As for the make-do hangar I simply used one of the gorgeous skyboxes by Spessart and made some of the walls and ceiling transparent. For the jewelry I wanted fancy skulls. Donna Flora’s Opera Skull provided the perfect solution. With the accessorizing complete, it’s finally time to fly~

Steam the Hunt: Airship: Bondar-Foehammer Aerosteam Co.  – Mini-Airship Aurora v1.5

Other Credits: Outfit: Dare Designs – Adrenaline Red* | Boots: Lassitude & Ennui –  overknee boots snakeskin black | Skin: League – Sia Fair Bloom | Hair: lamb. – Bang Bang Ink | Eyes:  Poetic Colors – classic – frozen silver (m) bright | Make-up: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Pandora’s Gingersnaps and Champange [lip/lash/eye] | Jewelry: Donna Flora – Opera Skull | Hat: AZE Designs – Poe Toaster Pirate’s Hat | Poses: !bang – Stand 135 / aDORKable Poses – 17 of 25 | Skybox: Spessart – Skybox I*

*complimentary copies


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