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All the Hair!

The third round of Crazy Hair Hunt has begun! You can get a notecard with slurls and hints from the starting location to help you on the way. As before, these are less hairdos and more just crazy things to attach to your head. So much fun!

Lumi versus squirrel staring match go! …what? Meeroos can be fashionable, too!  The squirrel hair is by EMO-tions and the plant hairdress is by [M&K].

Here we have a rare Roocorn with branches sprouting all sort of fruit, thanks to Concrete Flowers. The green and purple Curious Kitties’ maneating plant growing out of Sonya’s head is completely safe for roos. Probably less so for men.

The theme of the hunt is Flora and Fauna, thus all the plants and critters and also fishies! Mer-roo has hair by Rue and Sonya by The U-Neek. I could go on, honest, but I’m trying to save some for later blogging. After all, the hunt does go on for the whole April.

Crazy Hair Hunt: Squirrel hair: EMO-tions – *CINNAMON* /squirrels home | Plant hair: [M&K] – Purple Mystica Headress | Green&purple hair: Curious Kitties – Maneatingplant V3 | Fruit branches: Concrete Flowers – Fruit Salad Tree Branches | Fish hair: The U-Neek – Fishy Goodness & Red Herring | Fish hair 2: .{Rue}. – Manes/TheHungryDeep (w/noms): Tide (ridged)

Squirrel Credits: Skin: Pink Fuel – Basil <Cocoa> – Sweet Fawn | Eyes: Repulse  – Undead Eyes (Rust) | Lashes: Miamai – XGen Makeup_LashNLiner *Charme* – Brown Hair

Plant Credits: Skin: Fallen Gods Inc. – Fleurs: Forest xx Flowering | Eyes: Repulse – Lacerated v2 (Green) | Lipstick: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Saffy Violet Lip Gel Redux | Lashes: Miamai – XGen Makeup_LashNLiner *Charme* 

Fish Credits: Skin: The Plastik – Ataciara Elven Aqua Homicide | Eyes: Repulse – Cyborg v3 Eyes (Aqua) | Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc. – Aladdin Sane face makeup 


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