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Come Get Your Fantasy!

Yes, Fantasy Faire is finally open. As I was squeeing my way through the sims I couldn’t help wondering how to make people see that you really -can- make anything you can imagine in here, how our pixel world does not have to be formed of clunky prims from 2006 textured pre-shadows, how it can be so beautiful that it beats any game environment ever, how… you get the idea. So. I took pictures!

The Tides (Alia Baroque): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Ruins of a lost seafaring civilization, a visual delicacy for those favoring classic Greco-Roman aesthetics.

Siren’s Secret (Elicio Ember): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Sea creature refuge for all the little mermaids, squid sorceresses and deep gods.

Devil’s Locket (Lauren Thibaud): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Arabian Nights settled on volcanic islands, home of the mysterious firegems… and the mechano-elephant!

Shifting Sands (Kayle Matzerath): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

The Sands of Time are spilling, there’s limited time to shop in the bazaar… I mean, save the world!

Jungle Bungle (Mayah Parx): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Chocolate lake, candy paths, dancing trees — everything fun and whimsical.

Meandervale (Sharni Azalee & Marcus Inkpen): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Meadow of giant butterfly windmills and relaxing wandering.

Ruins of Nu Orne (Elicio Ember): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Lost stone city of an ancient civilization, now covered by a forest even more ancient.

Shadow’s Claw (Laufey Markstein): Bigger Picture | Map | SLURL

Mountainous pine forest of more medieval fashion with a name strongly hinting at dragons…

The Fairlands Junction (Saiyge Lotus): Bigger Picture | SLURL

The pathways to all the other areas as well as location for events and auctions.

All the bigger pictures are raws from in-world, I didn’t touch them at all. They are also current screen-size, so they are rather big. The maps list where you can find your favourite designers to transform yourself sim-appropriately and slurls are rather self-explanatory.

I also want to point out that to battle the inevitable faire-lag, Fallen Gods Inc. and Wasabi Pills have set out these wonderful PG-skin & hair combinations at every port-in. For free. For both genders. Go naked in style! Convenient parchment covering is where it’s at.

“Lag is someone else’s problem,” said the adventurer while lounging on the mechano-elephant. “Now what is this I keep hearing about a quest…”



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